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Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts are especially useful if you are a good typist because your hands can remain on the keyboard. Almost every command in Microsoft Office can be executed with either the mouse or the keyboard. Most people begin with the mouse then add keyboard shortcuts as they become more proficient. There is no right or wrong technique, just different techniques, and the one you choose depends entirely on personal preference. If, for example, your hands are already on the keyboard, it is faster to use the keyboard equivalent if you know it. Here is a list of Ctrl A through Z. Many of these keyboard shortcuts work in other word-processing programs. Using keyboard shortcuts saves time because you don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard. Ctrl+A Select all (entire document) Ctrl+B Bold Ctrl+C Copy Ctrl+D Font dialog box Ctrl+E Center align Ctrl+F Find Ctrl+G Go To Ctrl+H Replace Ctrl+I Italic Ctrl+J Justify align Ctrl+K
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chap1_pe3_shortcuts_solution - Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard...

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