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Essay 1 (Summary and Analysis) - Copy - "Nature and...

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“Nature and Gender and Monster” In Anne K . Mellor’s “Possessing Nature: The Female in Frankenstein ,” the topics of Nature and gender roles in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein are analyzed in order to reveal their influence on the overall effect of the novel . Mellor discusses the feelings and roles that the male and female sexes have in Frankenstein . The author of the modern essay notes that Victor Frankenstein is afraid of the female sexuality and the power that may accompany it . Mellor credits her claim by providing specific instances directly from the text. First, Mellor introduces the idea that Frankenstein denies the females’ main function at that time (reproduction) by creating a human-like beast, he “violently reasserts a male control over a female body, penetrating and mutilating the female creature at his feet in an image that suggests a violent rape,” and he refuses to create a female creature (Mellor 274, 279, 274) . Next, Mellor emphasizes the inequalities amongst men and women during the early nineteenth century that are present in the novel . For example, Mellor implies that the men have many more opportunities and powers than women by supporting her claim with specific instances from Frankenstein . Mellor goes on to list the jobs and careers of the men in the book, all of which are outside the home and in public . Mellor also illustrates the freedom for males to leave home and pursue their interests through Elizabeth’s submissiveness to Frankenstein postponing their marriage in order for him to advance his studies, even though Elizabeth longs to accompany her future life partner . Furthermore, she attributes the fall of Victor Frankenstein to his “separation
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Essay 1 (Summary and Analysis) - Copy - "Nature and...

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