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Essay 2 (Close Reading) - Copy - Landscape of Cooperative...

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Landscape of Cooperative Contradictions Nature and man often clash heads and cross each other . Nature can be formidable , as can mankind . However , in “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge,” the two seem to work together to create a desirable environment . In Wordsworth’s Petrarchan sonnet , the dramatic situation involves the speaker who is standing on Westminster Bridge , admiring the scenic view and the City . The speaker is a man who is mystified by the way the City and nature complement each other . In “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge,” the romantic poet William Wordsworth weaves two usually incommensurable forces together in order to convey the theme that nature and civilization can coexist in beautiful harmony . First , Wordsworth depicts the idea that the City itself is enchanting through its own features . For example , the fact that “Earth has not anything to show more fair” indicates that the City , a man-made place, has become one of the most comely places on the planet (1) . The significance of this is the City , a result of man and technology, has become so commonplace, that it has its own beauty that can challenge the beauty of nature that Earth itself created (the original place of life and beauty) . The view of the City from Westminster bridge is so breathtaking that the speaker states that any man who can “pass by/ A sight so touching in its majesty ” is an insensitive person (2, 3) . The implied metaphor “dull…of soul” displays that the person who can pass by the marvelous cityscape without pausing is lackluster down to the very core of his being (2) . This concept is especially meaningful because Wordsworth is a
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Essay 2 (Close Reading) - Copy - Landscape of Cooperative...

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