bio notes 2.23.11

bio notes 2.23.11 - Fig. 1. If we ran the flow in opp....

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Unformatted text preview: Fig. 1. If we ran the flow in opp. Directions. Cool water will gain heat from hot side and warm up still get heat transferring from one pipe to another. There is no fifty fifity point. The hot pipe is always hotter than the cold pipe at any instant on the pipe and if it was infinti. Long then it would be complete heat exchange. Fig. 2 Good news is that artery carries hot blood from heart tow. Extrm. Where there is capp. Bed and then vein carries cold blood to heart is that we already set up for conunt. Current exhcan,g.e And arctic turn has foot on ice and body keeps ice just hot enough so that frost bite doesnt happened and that their body is like forty degrees. Fig. 3. The gills in fish are set up for counter current exhcangers except they take oxy. Out of water.good phyusiol. Bc they allow the recapture of stuffTOP FIVE DIFFICULT CONCEPTS!!! Feathers, hair will reduce the rate of heat loss. Moving to the warmer microsite. Where there is not shade or something. Aggregation Im losing heat if we get a whole bunch we good. Metablolism has a huge an endoderm we get a ton of our heat from metab. We have several ways that we do ita lot of endo do metab. For only getting heatgeneral metab. Level is called non-shivering thermogenesiswe can upregulate or down regulate nonshiv.thermo. Elderly ppl start to misregu. Nonshivthermo. If nonshiv.thermo cant keep upwe start shivthermo. And other muscle activity. Once you start shiveringit becomes onon work muscle contratction that is only generasting heat and muschle moving like running in place wastses so much atp and that comes as heat. Brown fat deposition when as heat....
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bio notes 2.23.11 - Fig. 1. If we ran the flow in opp....

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