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Name: ________________________ Class: ___________________ Date: __________ ID: A 2 Week 5 MT2050 Quiz Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Which of these is the degree to which organizational tasks are subdivided into individual jobs? a. multitasking b. lines of authority c. work specialization d. autonomy e. team structure ____ 2. When work specialization is extensive: a. employees perform a single task b. employees perform many tasks c. employees are often highly challenged d. employees are often inefficient e. jobs tend to be large ____ 3. Chelsey works for a small Wisconsin firm that makes gingerbread house kits. Because it is such a small company with a seasonal product, low work specialization is the rule. As a result, Chelsey: a. usually performs a single repetitive task. b. performs a variety of tasks and activities. c. is often bored. d. is rarely challenged e. has limited work assignment authority. ____ 4. Despite the advantages of specialization, many organizations are moving away from the principle. Many companies are ____ jobs to provide greater challenges and are even assigning teams to tasks so employees can rotate among several jobs performed by the team. a. reducing b. enlarging c. specializing d. eliminating e. transferring ____ 5. Unity of command and the scalar principle are both closely related to the: a. amount of work specialization in an organization. b. degree of formalization. c. chain of command. d. amount of bureaucracy in the organization. e. modular approach to organizing. ____ 6. To understand authority, you must understand the three characteristics of authority. (1) Authority is vested in organizational positions, not people. (2) Authority is accepted by subordinates. The third characteristic states that a. authority flows down the vertical hierarchy. b. the movement of authority is controlled by the organization's horizontal composition. c. authority moves up the vertical hierarchy. d. authority is tangible. e. authority cannot be empowered.
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Name: ________________________ ID: A 2 ____ 7. The process that requires people with authority and responsibility to report and justify task outcomes to those above them is called: a. authority b. accountability c. responsibility d. task e. delegation ____ 8. Ligstrom, Inc. manufactures furniture altars, pews, and other types of church furniture. Which of the following Ligstrom departments is a line department? a. finance department b. human resources department c. research and development department d. manufacturing department e. marketing department ____ 9. Which of the following typically is NOT considered a staff department? a.
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week5quiz - Name: _ Class: _ Date: _ ID: A Week 5 MT2050...

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