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As stated in the syllabus, you will complete two group projects and submit a PowerPoint presentation of the second project. All presentations will be scored by the class members. The purpose of the assignments is twofold: to improve your leadership and teamwork skills; and to apply the course methodology to real business problems. Project 1: Use multiple regression analysis to analyze the performances of firms. You may select the firms however you choose. Once you complete the analysis, you will present it to me in a Word file, which will include: 1. Descriptions of each variable used. 2. How you selected your final model/discussion of the analysis. 3. Use of the model/determination of highly and lowly performing firms. 4. Limitations of the study. Upon completion of the project, you will individually complete a reflective essay of at least five pages. The reflective essay will include: 1. A discussion of the team dynamic. 2.
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Group_Project_and_Presentation - QM 670 Group Projects &...

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