Vocabs - Group 1 Civilian: person who is not a member of...

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Group 1 Civilian: person who is not a member of the military or police or firefighting forces Complicated: hard to understand; elaborate; complex; intricate Concur: agree; coincide; be on the same opinion Confirm: State or prove the truth of, substantiate, verify Confirmation: proof; evidence; verification Digress: turn aside; get off the main topic; deviate Fragile: easily broken; breakable; weak; full Galore: a plenty; in abundance; plentiful; abundant Genuine: actually being what it is claimed or seems to be, true, real, authentic Hostile: of or relating to an enemy or enemies; unfriendly; inimical Impatient: not patient, not willing to bear; delay; fretful; anxious Inter: put into the earth; bury; entomb Interment: burial, entombment; sepulture Mitigate: make less severe; lessen; alleviate; soften; relieve Novice: one who is new to a field or activity; beginner; apprentice; neophyte; tyro Original: work created first hand from which copies are made; photo type; archetype Rarity: something uncommon; infrequent or rare Resume: begin again/ retake, reoccupy Shrink: draw back; recoil/ to become smaller; contract Sober: not drunk, not intoxicated/ earnest, serious, free from excitement, or exaggeration Suffice: be enough, adequate, or sufficient, serve, do Vacant: empty, unoccupied, tenantless, not being used
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Vocabs - Group 1 Civilian: person who is not a member of...

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