Reading 1 Puso's Pilgrim

Reading 1 Puso's Pilgrim - Shawn Varghese HON-1000C-111 Dr....

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Shawn Varghese HON-1000C-111 Dr. Pecorella Reading #1: Mario Puzo, The Fortunate Pilgrim “No matter what I do as a grown-up, I must work hard. And I came to realize that I surely was not the only son of immigrants who heard parents weeping in the dark. It was part of making of the alloy.” This is what many hard-working immigrant families have faced as they struggled to a live a country that was not theirs or anyone else’s. American culture is unique in the sense that it isn’t a single entity, but a combination of many cultures. Families typically struggle to adjust to America because of this and because the clash between the older and younger generation. The older generation attempts to resist the existing culture and the younger tries to embrace it. This in so many words describes the tension in Mario Puzo’s The Fortunate Pilgrim . The parents namely, Lucia Santa, recognize the boundless opportunities present in the America, and for that reason continue to live there. In the much of the excerpt, Lucia and her group of friends mock the American culture that their children so readily embrace. “The women talked of their children as they would of strangers. It was a favorite topic, the corruption of the innocent by the new land.” Although Lucia and her husband hate the culture, they continue to live in American because they believe that
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Reading 1 Puso's Pilgrim - Shawn Varghese HON-1000C-111 Dr....

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