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Fund Quantum Mechanics Lect & HW Solutions 107

Fund Quantum Mechanics Lect & HW Solutions 107 - by...

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Chapter 7 Time Evolution 7.1 The Schr¨odinger Equation 7.1.1 The equation 7.1.2 Solution of the equation Solution schrodsol-a Question: The energy of a photon is ¯ where ω is the classical frequency of the electro- magnetic field produced by the photon. So what is e i E vectorn t/ ¯ h for a photon? Are you surprised
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Unformatted text preview: by the result? Answer: The exponential e − i E vn t/ ¯ h becomes e − i ωt . That is the classical time dependence of the electromagnetic Feld. The result is not really surprising, because of the wave-particle dualism of quantum mechanics. 89...
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