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α v 0 x z z max h 1 h 0 x 0 δ x 1 R We have “reversed the trajectory so that h 0 (= 9.8 ft), and x 0 , the height and range within which Mickey can catch the ball represent the starting point of the trajectory. h 1 (=3.28 ft) is the height of the ball when Mickey strikes it at home plate. δ is the distance behind home plate where the ball would be hypothetically launched at some angle α to achieve the total range R . x 1 (=328 ft) is the distance the ball actually would travel from home plate if not caught by Mickey. (Note, because of the symmetry, v 0 is the speed of the ball when it strikes the ground … also at the same angle α at which was launched. We will calculate the value of x 0 assuming a time-reversed trajectory!) (1) The range of the ball …
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