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Shawn Varghese HON-1050C-300 Dr. Molnar October 26, 2007 When analyzing contemporary views of the resurrection, Thomas F. Torrance seems to be in one accord with both Karl Barth and St. Paul. Torrance states that “whose significance [the resurrection of Christ] is not to be compared with any event before and after.” Torrance is saying that the resurrection of Christ is a unique event. Only something unique such as that could save the world from sin. Torrance also says that “the raising of the Christ is the act of God” which agrees with the writing of St. Paul who says in 1 Corinthians 15:15 (NIV) that “…for we have testified about God that he raised Christ from the dead.” Karl Barth also agrees with the view of Torrance as he states that the “resurrection is an act of God, an event of revelation.” 1 Barth agrees with another statement of Torrance, that rising of Christ “is the primal datum of theology, from which there can be no abstracting…” Barth agrees with this as he believes that the resurrection was not a myth or part of imaginative thinking, but something that actually happened. The only problem in Torrance’s thinking is that he doesn’t acknowledge Christ’s divinity.
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views on revelation - Shawn Varghese HON-1050C-300 Dr....

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