Analytical Mech Homework Solutions 62

Analytical Mech Homework Solutions 62 - r = 0 Vb Vt Vt Vt...

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0 r ω ×= GG ± ˆˆ sin cos sin cos sin cos Vb Vt rk k V j i bb b b ρ  ′′ ′ ′ +   DD D D D D D D () 22 sin cos sin cos V V k i j ωω ××= + + D G b D ˆ ˆ VV n b G Since the origin of the coordinate system is traveling in a circle of radius : 2 ˆ V Ak = D D G GG G ( ) 2 rr r r r A ′′ ′ =+×+ ×+ +× × + D G G G GG ±± ± ± 222 ˆ ˆ VVVV k n k b 2 ρρ =+−+ D G D ˆ ˆ 3 b =− G n With appropriate change in coordinate notation, this is the same result as obtained
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