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2 2 00 bb cm zb z d z zd z z bzdz zdz ρπ == 2 3 cm = (e) The center of mass is on the z-axis. α is the half-angle of the apex of the cone. is the radius of the base at z = 0 and is radius of a circle at some arbitrary z in a plane parallel to the base. r D r tan rr bbz D , a constant () 2 22 tan dv r dz b z dz π πα 23 11 tan 33 2 mr ρ ππρ D 2 2 3 0 3 0 32 tan 3 2 1 tan 3 b b cm zbz d z b b πρ z b z z d z + 4 cm b z = 8.2 2 0 0 b cm b cx dx xdx x dx cxdx 2 3 cm b x = 8.3 The center of mass is on the z-axis. Consider the sphere with the cavity to be made of a (i) solid sphere of radius and mass a s M , with its center of mass at , and (ii) a solid sphere the size of the cavity, with mass
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