Analytical Mech Homework Solutions 4

Analytical Mech Homework Solutions 4 - i Ax By Cz Bz C y i...

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ˆ ˆˆ xy yz zy zx xz yx ijk AAA z B CB C −−− ( ) () ˆ ˆ ˆ yxy yyx zzx zxz zyz zzy xxy xyx xzx xxz yyz yzy i ABC ABC j ABC kABC −−+ =+ + +− + 1.10 yA sin θ = 1 2 xy y B x xy yB xy AB 2s i n  = + −=+ −=   Α A Α= B × K K 1.11 ˆ xyz ijkAAA C AB B B B B B CCC CCC ⋅× = = KK K K z z z AB BBB BAC CCC = −= K × 1.12 x z x G C G A G G Let = (Ax,Ay,Az), A K B K = (0,By,0) and C G = (0,Cy,Cz) K C z is the perpendicular distance between the plane A , B K and its opposite. uB is directed along the x-axis since the vectors x C = G G G B G , C G are in the y,z plane.
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