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Shawn Varghese PHI 1000 Zachary Davis 2/22/08 Protesting an Unjust Law Life is full of rules. From God’s command to Adam to not eat from a certain tree to today’s law against gay marriages, laws have defined society. But laws have been made by a select group of people, which means that they may or may not be just. Who’s to say whether a law is fair? Most of laws that we have today are based on universally agreed upon on moral code. But a system of laws created by a minority of people means that there can be a tendency for unjust laws to surface. So if there is an unjust law, what is the most effective way to protest it? Should one break the law or work within the system of laws to correct it? From Socrates to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, we can see throughout time how historical figures attempted and somewhat succeeded to fight that they believed was unjust law. After evaluating the positions of the three historical figures, it is clear that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s position of direct, non- violent action is the most effective means of battling an unjust law. His methods of fighting for justice were the most practical and historically successful in achieving its purpose. Amongst the three people mentioned above, their positions varied from moderate to radical. Socrates was the most conservative of the bunch, for he used persuasion and
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worked through the system. Socrates is unjustly accused of breaking the law, and he decides to secure his innocence through means of the law by speaking before a jury, even though he’s not well versed in the language of the court. In contrast to Dr. King and Malcolm, Socrates desires not to break the law, but work through system in order to convince the public that he hasn’t done anything wrong. In this case, there isn’t an unjust law per say, but what is unjust is the jury’s final ruling. Ultimately, the question remains why Socrates uses this method. Socrates believes that his logic and reason will be able to convince the jury of the unjustness of the ruling. Socrates is a philosopher who believes that the educated people will be convinced by reason and thus uses reason in order to dismiss the charges against him. He breaks down each accusation against him and uses logical arguments to prove that he has committed no wrong. “I must surely defend myself
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MLK Malcolm X Socrates - Shawn Varghese PHI 1000 Zachary...

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