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Chapter 5 solved problems Physics 1301 Fall 2010, Professor Carlos R. Ordonez 8. Picture the Problem : The parachutist is moving straight downward, slowing down and coming to rest over a distance of 0.750 m. Strategy: Use equation 2-12 to determine the acceleration of the parachutist, and then use Newton’s Second Law (equation 5-1) to find the net force on her. Solution: 1. (a) Use equation 2-12 to find the acceleration of the parachutist: 2. Use equation 5-1 to find the net force: ( 29 ( 29 ( 29 2 ˆ ˆ 42.0 kg 9.88 m/s 415 N m = = = F a y y r r 3. (b) If the parachutist comes to rest in a shorter distance, the acceleration will be greater and the force will therefore be greater. Insight: There are two other forces on the parachutist, the upward force of her parachute and the downward force of gravity . Those two forces must cancel if she is moving downward at constant speed (no acceleration), so in this case the net force also equals the force the ground exerts on her. 28. Picture the Problem : The two men pull on the barge in the directions indicated by the figure at right. Strategy:
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Chapter_5_solved_problemsPhysics1301 - Chapter 5 solved...

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