Unit 4 Sociology 144 Project 4

Unit 4 Sociology 144 Project 4 - Unit 4 Project Assignment...

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Unit 4 Project Assignment Sociology 144 Introduction to Sociology Latisia Fairley Professor Vera Benita Phillip Evans July 5, 2011 Unit 4 Project My best friend Sophia of thirteen years is mother, worker, citizen of the US, and a student. Mothers strive for giving their children more than what they had in their life, and it’s a ongoing process which has major consequences if not done correctly. Being a citizen of US inables’ you to be all you can be which puts you in those categories like being a student or worker; this is because you often have a free choice if you obtain your freedom. In all the roles that Sophia’s involved in is being a student because she only need to read, write and analyze her thoughts. Learning is easier than going through life operations. When I say life operations I mean routine things such as cooking, cleaning , paying bills, being a parent, etc. It’s easy to do work that’s required if you read and pay attention there isn’t a way to fail while attending school. It’s
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easy to be a student because it’s a structured plan or duty; your professor has schedule he or she maintains to provide and if you go along with it and give it your all then you will succeed. A role that is difficult for Sophia is being a single mother. It is hard being a single mother
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Unit 4 Sociology 144 Project 4 - Unit 4 Project Assignment...

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