Debate essay - of the audience Another thing I noticed some...

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Kamal Patel Professional Communications Debate The preparation for our debate went really well. The format of preparation for us was to do our section alone and then we would check each other’s and give our input. This worked really well expect for the rebuttal. That was a hard section for us to prepare for. Our plan was to get some facts and use certain ones depending on what the other group said. Communication challenges came mostly from some of the words being used. I’m sure many didn’t know the difference between the type of guns being talked about and some of the laws presented seemed to be unclear for people. I noticed this by some people looking puzzled. Also, at the end during the questions section, people were associating the wrong type of guns with the wrong laws. This showed to me confusion in part of audience. I didn’t observe any inappropriate verbal nor nonverbal messages. However, I did notice a couple appropriate ones. The first thing I noticed was nodding in agreement and disagreement
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Unformatted text preview: of the audience. Another thing I noticed some smirks and laughs from the audience. This might seem a bit inappropriate, but I think it is ok as long it’s not disturbing. I noticed this mostly when the opposing group was giving their argument. My role was to give our argument. My part consisted of giving our reasons for being against gun control. Also, I gave input on other sections along with getting sources for our speech. My part was perceived by others as the person that lets the audience and the other group know at what points we stand and for what reasons. The debate process went really well and really smooth. Everyone in our group participated during the debate and in preparation for the debate. The audience seemed to be interested in the debate, especially at the end. So overall, I think this debate was fun, interesting, and a prefect thing for this class....
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Debate essay - of the audience Another thing I noticed some...

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