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How to conduct effective interview

How to conduct effective interview - his/her readiness to...

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How to conduct effective interview: -Listen- nonverbal -asking probing questions- gets detailed answers (phrase questions well) - open ended (details) -closed ended (yes/no) Interview Process- Types of information - what you want to gain from interview Type of environment - consulting/private area Start of interview - into/rapport/ how and when to take meds Close of interview - ask patient to summarize and then give appropriate feedback Motivational Interview -Trains health care providers to explore a patient’s understanding and concerns and determine
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Unformatted text preview: his/her readiness to change.- clinical method of counseling to assist patients to commit to CHANGE. Principles (READS) 1. R oll with resistance 2. E xpress empathy 3. A void argumentation 4. D evelop discrepancy (create a dissonance between the patient’s current status and their target behavior without making them feel pressure) 5. S upport self-efficacy...
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