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Kamal Patel Role Play Questions 1) The strengths of the opening of the interview were that the pharmacist was inviting and appeared to be open. He introduced himself fittingly. The weakness was that he forgot to mention his name since he hasn’t met me before. 2) There weren’t really any communication challenges presented. There was a moment where I, the patient, asked exactly when and how I could take the drug. And he restated the instructions in a second way. 3) There were a few appropriate nonverbal messages. First, there was adequate and appropriate amount of eye contact. He spoke with open hands and had his
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Unformatted text preview: palms facing me. He stood still and refined from swaying. 4) The pharmacist was in control of the interview. He asked proper questions and instructed me well. He also gave suggestions and reasons for his suggestions. The interview was well-organized by the pharmacist. 5) I consider the interview to be very successful. The pharmacist game proper questions and spoke with clarity in a way the patient can easily understand. By the end of the interview, I believe the patient would now be able to effectively use the medication....
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