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You may recall from the M6 assignment that, after you had calculated confidence intervals, z and P values, you found out that the sample size was really too small for your statistical analysis to carry much weight. In this module, the t test introduces a way to deal with smaller data sets. To that end, some exercises on this sheet use a random sample of HWAS entries, and you should generate a SRS of n>25. However, some of these problems require proportion test rather than t test. Download HWAS data as needed. Use good statistical problem solving methodology for all exercises. Be sure to check whether the data meets the requirements for inference in each case. If a data set does not meet the requirements for inference, explain why not. If you can, adjust the data to allow for inference (e.g. drop an outlier) but tell us what you did. You may call on all of the tools used to date to support your conclusions. Use statistical analysis and vocabulary. Problem 1 (25 points): Empire State College would like to know more about the age distribution of its online statistics students.
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