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Presentation Dear Board of Directors of Kardell Paper Co., I am speaking on behalf of the citizens of the city of Riverside on the issue of the pollution of Cherokee River to encourage and urge Kardell Paper Co. to switch to operation systems which are more environmentally friendly so as to reduce the negative externalities which the organization is contributing to our community. Our community is very concerned about the water quality of the Cherokee River. According to research, the river is currently contaminated with high traces of Sonox and the contaminants can be traced back to the industrial waste of your organization as can be seen by the high readings of the contaminants shown by tests conducted near the industrial pipes of the organization. In addition, we have evidence to support that the contaminants came from your organization as we have found out that Sonox
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Unformatted text preview: is used the manufacturing of kraft paper by your organization. Our community consists of people of all ages and we are very concerned and worried that the presence of Sonox in our water will bring about health problems especially to the young and old. One of the major concerns with the citizens of Riverside will be the exceptionally high rate of miscarriages and respiratory problems experienced by our community and we believe that this is a result of the link between Sonox and these health problems. While we do not have concrete proof, we strongly believe as an organization, Kardell Paper Co. has every reason to be responsible for the environment and the health of consumers and thus we urge the organizational to become more environmentally friendly through reforms. Thank you for your time....
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