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1. What are your views of ABB’s position in the global industry? As discussed in the case, ABB was a major global player in the infrastructure and other industrial products. The merger of Asea and Brown Boveri was a perfect business strategy since both companies sold complementary products and targeted the same markets. In the post-merger era, the company had excellent growth and carried long-term prospects. In the nineties, the ABB Group reached to a point where it was a global force to be reckoned with. Of course, East Asian markets were ripe for the company’s Infrastructural projects. During the East Asian Crisis, ABB was poised to add additional non-core products to its portfolio of 1,000 entities worldwide. The company’s organizational structure looked solid and its worldwide operations were benchmarked in studies by academics and other companies. 3. What specific strategies does ABB need to undertake in the coming years to be a key player in the industry ?
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