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Shawn Varghese Philosophy 1000-C What type of happiness does the Cardinal promote? Stranger? What is happiness? Is happiness a content feeling with the trivial things in life and satisfaction with limited knowledge? Or is happiness a deeper emotional understanding that cannot be explained, but only felt and attained by free will? The Cardinal and the Stranger express two different kinds of freedom. One believes in deceiving the public into happiness and the other believes that freedom of choice will only lead to true happiness. Despite the differences in the types of happiness promoted, both believe that their type of happiness will best benefit the people. The Cardinal leads by authority and visible, physical force. People listen and obey due to fear. They are controlled in every sense of the word, but they don’t realize this. The Cardinal creates a world that will feign peace and serenity to the people, but in fact will lead them to death and damnation. But since the people do not know their fate, they
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