Assignment life Cycle Management Analysis

Assignment life Cycle Management Analysis - iPod 1 As a...

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As a college student, I knew the importance of having a good reliable mp3 player with me at all times. Music is an essential part of everyone’s life. The usual way of taking music with us used to be CD players and cassette players. With the introduction of the mp3 player, there was a new way of carrying music with you. Apple Inc. created the iPod, which has been one of the most advertised mp3 players that are out. They created the iPod with attractive colors and accessories. With such a high demand for this product, the company was able to grow the product and create other products such as the different memory sizes, iPod shuffle, and iPod mini. All of these different iPod items were a member of the iPod family that evolved into something else the customers may have needed. This product has had a good life, and is still around. Needless to say, this products life cycle has not ended yet, but other company’s have followed what has made this product successful for their own products. The Apple Inc. company has managed each stage of the life cycle for this product well, and will continue to do so. In the introduction stage of the iPod there was the iPod Classic. The iPod classic was a hard drive based iPod. This product was marketed by Apple Inc and it was
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Assignment life Cycle Management Analysis - iPod 1 As a...

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