balance score card - a. Quality (Internal Business...

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a. Quality (Internal Business Perspective) defects per million cost of quality (prevention, appraisal, internal and external failures) supplier certification or certified items reduction of supplier base hours of employee quality training hours of preventive maintenance mean time between failure certification of internal operations unscheduled machine downtime number of customer complaints, warranty claims, and recalls unscheduled service call percentage of lots rejected in error b. Cost (Financial Perspective) reduction in data transactions materials shipped to point of use by supplier dollars of product output per employee throughput times from supplier to customer budgeting expense trends projects operating within budget c. Production line flexibility (Internal Business Perspective) reduction in cycle time reduction in setup time reduction in lot or batch size
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increase in standard materials used per product number of parts and levels in bills of material degree of cross-training of production personnel d. People productivity and development (Internal Business Perspective and Learning and Growth Perspective) sales per person value added per person employee turnover ratios number of employees participating in improvement teams competitive compensation packages accident rates absentee rates training hours per employee employee grievances work days lost due to accidents
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balance score card - a. Quality (Internal Business...

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