Criminal law - Criminal law's functions are to protect...

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Criminal law's functions are to protect community and society from criminal harm. The two main functions of criminal law include protection from harm to an individual, for example murder, rape, assault, robbery, arson, etc. The second functions is protection from harm to individuals collectively (community, society) such as building construction, food safety, air pollution, consumer products, etc. Criminal law also creates definitions for the crimes themselves, sets standards and procedures for arrests, warrants, searches, seizures, interrogations, rules for trial, sentencing, and punishment. There are four written sources of criminal law and they are common/case law, statutory law, constitutional law and administrative regulations, with constitutional law being the most important because the others all fall under it. None of the other laws can contradict or go before constitutional law. The sources are set and available to provide explanations to the public about the processes, legislation and regulations provided by law enforcement and the criminal courts. It also provides standards and limits to law enforcement, lawyers, judges and other court officials, to insure the fair treatment of citizens, including offenders. There are three kinds of statutes; laws enacted by Congress are Federal statutes, laws
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Criminal law - Criminal law's functions are to protect...

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