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Computers can be connected using a centralized model or a distributed model A Centralized computing system depends on a centrally-located computer for processing and storage The main benefit of a centralized model is that all the data ever required to create or evolve a composite object is most likely already present within the MDM container. A centralized model puts all master data inside a single container and results in the outlying systems being dependent upon the central master. In the centralized model’s theoretically pure state, outlying systems may not even store copies of the data, but instead, they get the data as needed from the central master A distributed computer network spreads the processing and storage tasks among many computers the distributed model is generally better suited for large projects with partly independent developers, such as the Linux kernel project, because developers can work independently
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Unformatted text preview: and submit their changes for merge (or rejection). In the centralized model, developers should serialize their work, or they may have problems with different versions. • • Large-scale centralized and distributed computer systems are used for many tasks: – Government applications include tax roles, census records, and vehicle registration – Commercial applications include inventory, payroll, and point-of-sale – Large-scale centralized and distributed computer systems are used for many tasks (cont’d): – Hospital and healthcare organizations applications include patient records, integrated diagnostic tools, patient billing, and health insurance claims processing – In education, applications include course registration, student records, budgeting, and payroll...
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