HP SWOT analysis - SWOT Analysis: Hewlett Packard 1 Running...

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SWOT Analysis: Hewlett Packard 1 Running head: HEWLETT PACKARD SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT Analysis: Hewlett Packard The findings detail the IT giant Hewlett Packard’s Mission, Objectives and Vision. SWOT, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats will help analyse the company in these areas. Impression of the Operation of Hewlett Packard HP was founded in 1939 by classmates Mr. Bill Hewlett and Mr. Dave Packard at Stanford. While Packard became company’s president, Hewlett took over as Vice-President. After almost 70 years- a merger with Compaq turned the company into the largest computer hardware company in the world. HP was incorporated in 1947 and stock options offered to employees in 1950 - which was a rare occurence at that time. Hewlett Packard invents its first genuine baby - a high speed frequency counter. The counter revolutionizes the way banks count businesses worldwide in 1951. Company begins trading on the stock market in 1957. A major acquisition occurs when it purchases F.L. Moseley Company in 1958. The expansion is global in 1959 as HP heads for European land. The company through the years has been at the forefront of innovation in implementation, expansion and market share. Today HP devices are ubiquitous! A testament to the quality of goods and the service it rendered. While laptops and portable computing devices are at the helm, HP forays into the booming IT sector. Image boosting concepts include a fledgling recycling program - among the first few in the industry. A testament to their steadfast effort is the company's stable stock at $30 plus - over a 12 month period. (NYSE 2008) SWOT Analysis - Strengths The merger with Compaq made HP the leader in computer hardware industry. Ever since it first reached out to the world, it has been expanding globally and currently does business in over 170 countries. The company is so secure in their way of doing business; they have expanded operations in such as Indonesia and India, formerly under-developed nations. Hewlett Packard has a high cash flow. According to Data Monitor, the company increased its cash in equivalents in 2003 by over $3 billion. (Data Monitor 2004) One might say that today’s economy is quite different from the economy in 2003. Yes and no. The economy is different but Hewlett Packard’s way of doing business is not. MSNBC reported on August 20, 2008 that Hewlett Packard’s profits grew by 14%. (MSNBC 2008) The company is strong in the market and has a positive image and affordable cost factor that keeps the public coming back for more making the analysis of strength high.
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HP SWOT analysis - SWOT Analysis: Hewlett Packard 1 Running...

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