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Identify-Two-of-the-Leading-Countries-in-Today - Identify...

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Identify two of the leading countries in today's world economy. What criteria or standards did you use to determine the leading countries? Provide four factors to support your selection of why these two countries are in a leading position. Were these two countries in the same position 200 years ago? 100 years ago? 50 years ago? What accounts for the consistency or change of economic status through two centuries? Two of the leading countries in the world economy today will be America and China. The criteria and standards which I used to determine the leading countries will be the gross domestic product of both countries and also the ability and power both countries have in influencing economics and other related decisions in the world. As can be seen, both countries have the one of the highest GDP in the world. In 2008, United States had the highest GDP in the world at 14,260,000 million while China had the third highest GDP in the world at 4,402,000 million. Both countries also play a major role in international organizations such as World Trade Organization and World Bank where both have huge
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