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Business Ethics: National Enquirer Case: Business Ethics The National Enquirer, Inc., is a Florida corporation with its principal place of business in Florida. It publishes the National Enquirer, a national weekly newspaper with a total circulation of more than 5 million copies. About 600,000 copies, almost twice the level in the next highest state, are sold in California. The National Enquirer published an article about Shirley Jones, an entertainer. Jones, a California resident, filed a lawsuit in California state court against the National Enquirer and its president, who was a resident of Florida. The California lawsuit sought damages for alleged defamation, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Calder v. Jones, 465 U.S. 783, 104 S.Ct. 1482, 79 L.Ed.2d 804, Web 1984 U.S. Lexis 4 (Supreme Court of the United States) What kind of paper is the National Enquirer? The National Enquirer is a national magazine, based in Florida, and having its largest circulation in California. It is known as an American supermarket tabloid now published by American Media Inc (AMI). Founded in 1926, the tabloid has gone through a variety of changes over the years, and is currently well-known for exaggerating, as well as fabricating information in its articles focusing on celebrity news, gossip, and crime in order to sell its newspapers. The magazine makes no secret of the fact that it will pay sources for tips, a practice generally frowned upon by the mainstream press. In recent years the Enquirer has sought to establish a reputation for reliable journalism and had some success, often scooping other media on stories.
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Was it ethical for the National Enquirer to try to avoid suit in California?
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