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Chapter 7 Question 6. Anna works on an assembly line where it takes her thirty minutes to produce twenty units of a product needed to fill a container. It takes her an additional five minutes to transport the container to Josh, who works at the next station. The company uses a safety stock of 20 percent. The current assembly line uses five kanbans between Anna’s and Josh’s stations. Compute the demand for the product. units per minute (Round your answer to 2 decimal places, the tolerance is +/-0.01.) As cycle time decreases, number of containers needed . Chapter 07, Problem 8 Incorrect. Robert produces 300 units of a product per hour and 30 units are needed to fill a container. It takes fifteen minutes to receive the materials needed from the previous workstation. The company currently uses a safety stock of 10 percent. Determine how the number of kanbans and the inventory level will be affected if the time required for Robert to receive the material increases to thirty minutes. units per minute Chapter 08, Problem 6 The manager of a small health clinic would like to use exponential smoothing to forecast demand for emergency services in the fac α. To make her decision, she would like to compare the forecast accuracy of a high and low α on historical data. She has decided t For both alpha values, enter exponential smoothing forecasts for weeks 2-6, and calculate the MAD for each alpha value. (Round your answers to 1 decimal place, the tolerance is +/- 0.5) Initatilize the computations using the naïve method Week Demand (in patients serviced) 1 430 2 289 3 367 4 470 5 468 6 365 Wee k Demand α = 0.10 1 430 2 289 3 367 4 470 5 468
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6 365 MAD: It would be better to use α = Chapter 08, Problem 8 A manufacturer of printed circuit boards uses exponential smoothing with trend to forecast monthly demand of its product. At the end of December, the company wishes to forecast sales for January. The estimate of trend through November has been 200 additional boards sold per month. Average sales have been around 1000 units per month. The demand for December was 1100 units. The company uses α = 0.20 and β = 0.10. Make a forecast including trend for the month of January. (Round your answers to 0 decimal places, the tolerance is +/-2.) The level of the series is units. The trend is units. The forecast including trend is units. Rosa's Italian restaurant wants to develop forecasts of daily demand for the next week. The restaurant is closed on Mondays and experiences a seasonal pattern for the other six days of the week. Mario, the manager, has collected information on the number of customers served each day for the past two weeks. If Mario expects total demand for next week to be around 350, what is the forecast for each day of next week? Day
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OM Homework - Chapter 7 Question 6. Anna works on an...

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