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Lecture 7 Immigration Part II

Lecture 7 Immigration Part II - Honors Discover New York...

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Honors Discover New York Fall Semester 2007 Core 1000C Dr. R. F. Pecorella Immigration: Part II -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Farm and Northern Europe to the Commercial City a. Indigenous WASP’s from rural areas (English, Dutch, and Germans) b. Africans, both slaves and freemen c. Hasidic Jews b. Early immigration from Germany and Ireland (Roman Catholic) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Irish (1840’s --) Pushed out by: 1. British rule and oppression – religious basis 2. Specifically, the potato famine in the 1840s Irish in New York: 1. First big Catholic immigration to NYC 2. Politically sophisticated given resistance to British rule so they: (a) organized Catholic parishes (b) gravitated toward local Democratic Party politics (c) eventually ran Tammany Hall and NYC politics The Germans (1840s -) Pushed out by: 1. Issues of developing nationalism 2. Religious conflict, e.g., Kulturekampf Germans in New York: 1 . Small businesses: breweries, butcher shops 2. Two World Wars and the Nazis forced a more low visibility identity 3. Lutheran “parishes” with churches and schools ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Eastern and Southern Europeans to the Industrial City a. Largely Catholic from southern Europe and Jewish from eastern Europe. b. Darker complexioned with strange languages c. Unskilled workers for unskilled industrial jobs d. Few democratic political skills
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