ch1 - ch1 Student: _ 1. Efficiency means doing the right...

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ch1 Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. Efficiency means doing the right things to create the most value for the company. True False 2. Effectiveness means doing the right things to create the most value for the company. True False 3. A doctor completes a surgical procedure on a patient without error. The patient dies anyway. In operations management terms, we could refer to this doctor as being efficient but not effective. True False 4. A worker can be efficient without being effective. True False 5. A process can be effective without being efficient. True False 6. Operations and supply chain management is defined as the design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firm's primary products and services. True False 7. The term "value" refers to the relationship between quality and the price paid by the consumer. True False 8. Attempting to balance the desire to efficiently use resources while providing a highly effective service may create conflict between the two goals. True False 9. Central to the concept of operations strategy are the notions of operations focus and trade-offs. True False 10. Fashion retailers, in particular, need to have plenty of inventory on hand because demand is so unpredictable. True False 11. Today's leading retailers use operations and supply chain management techniques to match supply and demand as closely and quickly as possible. True False
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12. "Concept-to-cash" refers to the idea of generating revenue from licensing of patent rights or other intellectual property. True False 13. OSCM is concerned with management of the trickiest parts of the system that produces a good or delivers a service. True False 14. OSCM is a functional field of business with clear line management responsibilities. True False 15. The supply network can be thought of as a pipeline through which cash, material and information flows. True False 16. Supply networks cannot be constructed for every product or service. True False 17. "Operations" refers to manufacturing and service processes used to transform resources employed by a firm into products desired by customers. True False 18. "Supply Chain" refers to supply chain processes that move information and material to and from the manufacturing and service processes of the firm. True False 19. "Supply Chain" includes inbound freight and inventory only. True False 20. It is critical that a sustainable strategy meet the needs of shareholders and employees. It is also highly desirable that it preserves the environment. True False 21. Supply and demand planning is needed to coordinate the manufacturing, service, and supply chain processes.
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ch1 - ch1 Student: _ 1. Efficiency means doing the right...

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