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Homework Answers Ch 7 e12

Homework Answers Ch 7 e12 - manufacturers produced the less...

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CHAPTER 7 MANUFACTURING PROCESSES Review and Discussion Questions 1. What does the product-process matrix tell us? Where would you place a Chinese restaurant on the matrix? Products and processes are closely interrelated and both go through life-cycle stages. The stage in the lifecycle of the product will determine the process. The advantages of cost and flexibility can be combined through the adoption of Flexible Manufacturing Systems technology. The Chinese restaurant case might be debatable since it involves both high volume and high variety. 2. It has been noted that during World War II Germany made a critical mistake by having its formidable Tiger tanks produced by locomotive manufacturers, while American car
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Unformatted text preview: manufacturers produced the less formidable U.S. Sherman tank. Use the product-process matrix to explain that mistake and its likely result. The locomotive manufacturers likely used project technology and processes. This is low volume, high cost production. On the other hand, mass-producing automakers had the technology to make high volume at low per unit cost. 3. 4. What is meant by a process? Describe its important features. A process means a set of tasks that transform input into useful outputs. The important features of process are (a) tasks, (b) flow (of material and information), and (c) storage (of material and information). 1...
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