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Homework Answers Ch 8 e12

Homework Answers Ch 8 e12 - etc while labs would be low...

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CHAPTER 8 SERVICE PROCESSES Review and Discussion Questions 1. 2. How have price and variety competition changed McDonald’s basic formula for success? McDonald’s originally emphasized quick delivery of a limited menu. In response to competition, McDonald’s has continuously expanded its menu. Some evidence suggests that service, including quick delivery, has suffered as a result. 3. 4. 5. Identify the high-contact and low-contact operations of the following services: a. A dental office. Dental office high contact includes waiting rooms, receptionists, dentist(s), hygienist(s), x-ray,
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Unformatted text preview: etc., while labs would be low contact. b. An airline. Airline high contact includes reservations desk, loading concourse, plane with crew and attendants, etc. Low contact includes maintenance, baggage handling, tower operations, etc. c. An accounting office. In an accounting office, high contact includes reception and CPAs, while low contact includes records, computer, library, etc. d. An automobile agency Automobile agency high contact includes showroom and offices. Low contact includes maintenance, preparation, records-files, etc. 1...
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