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Homework Answers Ch 12 e12

Homework Answers Ch 12 e12 - CHAPTER 12 LEAN MANUFACTURING...

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CHAPTER 12 LEAN MANUFACTURING Review and Discussion Questions 1. Is it possible to achieve zero inventories? Why or why not? In reality, zero inventories are a challenging, if not impossible, goal for most organizations. The concept is theoretical because the ideal production unit is one. Nothing is made until the customer expresses an unmet need for the product. In reality, inventories will always exist due to the timing between the expressed need and the actual delivery of the completed unit(s). Nevertheless, this goal aids in understanding of the lean concepts, and remains a reference point to continually remember in the on-going improvement process. 3. Why must lean have a stable schedule? Because any changes in the final product schedule are magnified backward along the line, a stable schedule is necessary. This schedule must be frozen at some point. Also, because suppliers and vendors are delivering in small batches just as materials are needed, they need accurate information about the build schedule so they can plan their corresponding deliveries.
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