Lecture 8 NYC Politics

Lecture 8 NYC - 3 Postreform politics The Age of Tammany 1 What was Tammany Hall 2 Base of its political power Geographical decentralization

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Screen # 9: NYC Politics Two basic issues Three basic forces Three political rules Three historical eras Two Basic issues: 1. Citywide versus neighborhood power 2. Democracy versus professionalism Three basic forces: 1. Political parties 2. Bureaucrats 3. Community activists Three rules of politics: 1. Political actions beget reactions 2. Political “losers” often define the future. 3. Eras are defined by dominance not exclusivity Three Historical Eras: 1. The Age of Tammany 2. The Era of Reform
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Postreform politics The Age of Tammany: 1. What was Tammany Hall? 2. Base of its political power: Geographical decentralization Functional centralization The Reform Era 1. Reform’s three E’s 2. Base of reform’s political power: Geographical centralization Functional decentralization The Postreform Era 1. Community power in reaction 2. Base of postreform’s politics: Geographical decentralization Functional centralization...
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