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L02_Soldiers_Creed_SH - IttIII F'i|i Aiiietitteii Staltiiei...

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Unformatted text preview: IttIII F_'i|i Aiiietitteii Staltiiei. IE-li'i H Weirier HIIIJ HI riit'IrIIlItIi {Ii .'-'l 'ILJI-thi. | Helm: the temple {Ii the Limited States CIT America and lie: thit- Arnw values IWILL ALWAYS PLACE IHE MISEIDN FIRST. J WILL NEVER ACCEPT DEFEAT. | 1I.I"'II"|LL NEVER QUIT. IWILL NEVER LEAVE A FALLEN CDMRADE. I are riienipiifierl, physimily Find I'I'Ier'IteIII; Tfitit'jh, treiiieri and larntmient in my ‘IJ'iI'errier teeke and Grille. l elweye IIItIiIIteiII ItItI errite. il|‘-.." equipiiietil and myeeii. IFIITI: an F ipe-rt and i Fit'l‘l r-I I‘lreteeeinnHI- | eieriti lee-tie? le deplete. enqetie eriti tieetiev ilie eIIeIIiiee e1 the 'Jiiiteti States:- [If AIIIIIriea Iri Hitter: eertitmt. .It'jii. Iriili 1n ri’r trmeetii IITI FII‘It'i lhe Amerit. :In way I‘Il lite lam .III Artierinmi SrIltiiI—II "IE SUIIIiEP'S III'EBII ...
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