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Shawn Varghese Honors DNY Dr . Pecorella November 27, 2007 Proposal to redevelop Coney Island Coney Island, once a bustling resort, now can be accurately described as yesterday’s news . The area reached its height in popularity around the mid 20 th century . At that time Coney Island was among the largest amusement areas in the U .S. and thus a large attraction for tourists around the country . In addition to this, Coney Island’s beach and famous hot dog stand (Nathan’s hotdogs) made the region an appealing place to visit . But for several reasons, including the emergence of other, more attractive areas like Jones Beach, and the presence of gangs caused much of traffic headed to Coney Island to divert elsewhere . The decrease of tourists resulted in the closing down of the major amusements parks like the Steeplechase Park, Luna Park, and Dreamland which had previously attracted so many people to Coney Island . Although Coney Island had a bit of revitalization during the 1970’s, it has never been what it used to be . According to Mayor Bloomberg “We all recognize that Coney Island isn't what it could be” . This is the basic attitude that is causing the controversy in Coney Island .
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The proposal to redevelop Coney Island is basically a series of projects to improve the area . These projects include: “water-park-themed hotel, another full-service hotel, time-share facilities, new retail, a multilevel carousel and a 4,000-foot roller coaster .” These plans are from a company called Thor Equities which purchased 14 acres of boardwalk . The basic controversy lies in the resistance of the existing public at Coney Island and the loss of what is called the “unique Coney Island experience”
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Coney Island - Shawn Varghese Honors DNY Dr Pecorella...

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