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2.1-2.2 solutions - 2.1-2.2Scatterplots and...

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Unformatted text preview: 2.1-2.2Scatterplots and Correlation--SOLUTIONS1. A professor examines the relationship between minutes studying and exam score (out of 200 points) for students in his course using data from 320 randomly selected students. Use the results below to answer the following questions.Minutes StudyingScore on Midterm800700600500400300200200180160140120100i. Which of the following correlations is most plausible for this data set, given the scatterplot above?a. .061b. 0.61c. -0.61d. 6.1ii. Interpret this correlation (form, strength, direction)Moderate positive linear relationship iii. The correlation for this data set is in units of points per minute studying.a. False (correlation is unit-free)b. Trueiv. What would the correlation be if we put minutes studying on the Y axis and score on the X axis?It would stay the same2. Bob collected data on some specimens of a certain type of mouse. He measured each ones length (in cm) and weight (in grams). He analyzes the lengths and weights separately as well as together. His goal is to eventually use length to estimate weight in these type of mice. The results are shown below....
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2.1-2.2 solutions - 2.1-2.2Scatterplots and...

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