HW 2 - Stat 133 HW 2 (10 pts) Name_ Group # _ Please read...

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Stat 133 HW 2 (10 pts) Name___________________ Group # _____ Please read and follow the information in the “Homework Policies” document posted in the Homework section of Carmen. It’s your responsibility to know how to avoid academic misconduct. When asked to describe something, your answer should not go longer than the space provided. Be succinct yet comprehensive (this is difficult, but a good skill to manage.) Long answers lose 1 point. no add’l lines or spaces please. If it’s easier for you to keep the proper spacing, you may print off this document and hand-write your answers, clearly, in pencil. Please refrain from asking tutors/TAs/lecturers/friends to help you do or check your explanations unless you are very confused/stuck. One of the most important skills in this class is being able to explain your ideas in your own words, and to think and write about statistics and their results. That is what we are grading you on. It’s a difficult skill, but very important. Remember all problems are listed for the 3 rd edition of the book. If you do not have the 3 rd edition it’s your responsibility to know what the pbms are. We have 2 copies of the 3 rd edition in the Science and Eng Library for 2 hour reserve if needed. 1. Do problem 3.26 on page 165. a. Population: all local business b. Sample: 150 business from phone book listings c. Percentage of NONRESPONSE: (150-73)/150*100%=51.33% d. Additional question: What is the RESPONSE RATE? 73/150*100%=48.67%
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HW 2 - Stat 133 HW 2 (10 pts) Name_ Group # _ Please read...

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