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Stat 133 Final Exam Info

Stat 133 Final Exam Info - Stat 133 Final Exam Info(Monday...

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Stat 133 Final Exam Info (Monday evening Dec 5, 5:30-7:120 in INDEPENDENCE 100): The final is comprehensive and worth 250 points. It has much more weight on material after midterm 2. Here is a description of the plan for the final exam so you can prepare effectively. This is ALL the information I can give; pls take note and use it to your advantage as you study. TF/MC (100 points out of 250): 20 problems, 5 points each. Most these problems (roughly 65-75%) will cover the new material after Midterm 2! Some probability may be included in the TF/MC (independence is the main issue), as well as a few items from M1. To Study for the TF/MC portion of the final: 1. Main priority: Look at the lecture notes from midterm 1 , the new material after midterm 2, and the section on Random Variables (4.3) and pull out all the ‘starred’ items and/or the material on the slides that discuss ideas rather than calculations. Make a list of these items and study those. Ask if you have questions. Notes from podcasts will
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