DING Study Guide Lectures 10-14

DING Study Guide Lectures 10-14 - Biol 113 AU2011 Study...

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Biol 113 AU2011 Study Guide for Lectures 10-14 Biao Ding 1. Understand the terms and relationships between producers and consumers in the ecosphere, autotrophs and heterotrophs, and photosynthesis and respiration. 2. Know which plant pigments are essential for photosynthesis, how these pigments give leaves their typical appearance, in which organelle these pigments are located, and in which types of leaf cells these organelles are found. 3. Be familiar with the terms stroma and thylakoids. Know which of the two main processes of photosynthesis occurs at each of these locations. 4. Know what the overall substrates and products of photosynthesis in plants are. Be able to write down the basic chemical equation of photosynthesis. 5. Know the functions, key substrates and products of the light reactions and the Calvin cycle. Know which wavelengths of light are used efficiently for photosynthesis and which are not. Understand the term carbon fixation. 6. Know what the functions of NADP+/NADPH and photophosphorylation are in the cell. 7. Understand the difference between an action spectrum and an absorption spectrum.
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DING Study Guide Lectures 10-14 - Biol 113 AU2011 Study...

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