Corporate Finance Problem Set 1

Corporate Finance Problem Set 1 - 1. EP Enterprises has the...

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1. EP Enterprises has the following income statement. How much net operating profit after taxes (NOPAT) does the firm have? NOPAT = operating income x (1 - Tax Rate). Sales $1,800.00 Costs 1,400.00 Depreciation 250.00 EBIT $ 150.00 Interest expense 70.00 EBT $ 80.00 Taxes (40%) 32.00 Net income $ 48.00 a. $81.23 b. $85.50 c. $90.00 d. $94.50 e. $99.23 2. Tibbs Inc. had the following data for the year ending 12/31/07: Net income = $300; Net operating profit after taxes (NOPAT) = $400; Total assets = $2,500; Short-term investments = $200; Stockholders' equity = $1,800; Total debt = $700; and Total operating capital = $2,300. What was its return on invested capital (ROIC)? a. 14.91% b. 15.70% c. 16.52% d. 17.39% e. 18.26% 3. Aziz Industries has sales of $100,000 and accounts receivable of $11,500, and it gives its customers 30 days to pay. The industry average DSO is 27 days, based on a 365-day year. If the company changes its credit and collection policy sufficiently to cause its DSO to fall to the industry average, and if it earns 8.0% on any cash freed-up by this change, how would that affect its net income, assuming other things are held constant? a. $267.34 b. $281.41 c. $296.22 d. $311.81 e. $328.22 4. Heaton Corp. sells on terms that allow customers 45 days to pay for merchandise. Its sales last year were $425,000, and its year-end receivables were $60,000. If its DSO is less than the 45-day credit period, then customers are paying on time. Otherwise, they are paying late. By how much are customers paying early or late? Base your answer on this equation: DSO - Credit period = days early or late, and use a 365-day year when calculating the DSO. A positive answer indicates late payments, while a negative answer indicates early payments.
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a. 6.20
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Corporate Finance Problem Set 1 - 1. EP Enterprises has the...

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