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CE167 Homework Guidelines

CE167 Homework Guidelines - CE167 Homework Guidelines...

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CE167 Homework Guidelines Working in Groups: While we encourage students to work together or in groups, the work that you ultimately turn in for grading must be your own work and demonstrate your understanding of the course material. Students caught copying and/or plagiarizing work will be subject to the code of student conduct and disciplinary action. If you work in pairs, it is helpful that you indicate the person you worked with on the problem set so the teaching team can cross-reference grades and ensure that grading is consistent across the class. Homework Submittal: Unless otherwise discussed with the teaching team, all homework must be turned in at the beginning of class the day that it is due. If you will not be able to attend class, arrange to turn in your homework beforehand, or have a trusted colleague in the class bring in your work for you. Unless otherwise indicated, homework will be due 1 week after released to the class. Graded homework will generally be returned within 1 week.
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