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DNY reading guide #2 answers - The Alloy of New York 1. Why...

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The Alloy of New York 1. Why does Pete Hamill use the word “alloy” to describe the immigrant experience in New York City? Like an alloy, different people come together into one and as a result become stronger 2. Why does Hamill argue that Dutch tolerance “was not the result of wooly-headed… idealism.? their tolerance came from their intelligence and their clear-eyed common sense 3. Explain the following assessment: “…it seems clear that the secret of the colony’s [Dutch New York] was a healthy dollop of hypocrisy…” there was official policy & then there was private deals. Lip service was paid to sobriety, thrift, responsibility, good citizenship, and religious orthodoxy; but over drinks, at tables lit by candles, men could fashion scenarios driven by greed and avarice 4. What does the 2000 census tell us about languages in New York City? more than 46% of new Yorkers speak a language other than English. 53% Spanish, 160 other languages: Russian, Chinese, Korean, Bengali, French creole, Arabic, languages from Africa and the pacific islands. 5. What qualities did Hamill see displayed in New York on September 12, 2001? 1. nothing can change the basic nature of society, went to work, school, streets to where their friends live, children playing. Bombay on the Hudson
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DNY reading guide #2 answers - The Alloy of New York 1. Why...

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