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CE 167: Engineering and Project Management Professor William Ibbs Fall 2010 General Instructions This exam is to be completed in a bluebook – answers not recorded in a bluebook will not be graded. Place the exam sheets on the inside of your bluebook when finished and hand them in back with the bluebook. Put your name on both your blue book and the exam sheet. Show your work step-by-step. Write legibly, and state any necessary assumptions. If you have a question during any portion of this exam, raise your hand & speak privately to the proctor. Please look through the whole exam before you start Questions: 1. [25 points] Definitions: Define following terms in relation to construction project management: A) Parole Evidence B) Earned Value C) Takeover Contractor D) Project Overdraft E) Constructive Acceleration 2. [10 points] Short Answer: A) Define the Spearin Doctrine and describe why it is important . B) For what types of projects is the Spearin Doctrine not applicable? 3. [20 points] Engineering Economics: A local construction firm is considering investing in newer, more productive forming equipment. You have collected data on the three best options, each of which has a twenty year useful life and no salvage value. A B C Initial Investment $50,000 $22,000 $15,000 Annual Income $6193 $3577 $1993 Annual Costs $1100 $1500 $350 If the MARR for the construction firm is 7%, which alternative should be chosen? Calculate the IRR for that option.
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4. [15 Points] A local health care provider is considering constructing a new hospital in order to gain more patients in their service territory. The facility is expected to initially cost $200
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ce167f10_Final_v7 - CE 167: Engineering and Project...

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