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CE 167: Engineering and Project Management Professor William Ibbs Fall 2010 General Instructions This exam is to be completed in a bluebook – answers not recorded in a bluebook will not be graded. Do not start the exam until directed. You will have until 12:30 to complete the exam. Time checks will be provided throughout the exam. Place the exam sheets on the inside of your bluebook when finished and hand them in back with the bluebook. Put your name on both your blue book and the exam sheet. Show your work step-by-step. Write legibly, and state any necessary assumptions. Draw your cash flow diagrams. State which perspective they are drawn from. Cell Phones or any other communications device must be turned off and completely hidden from view for the entire duration of the test. If you have a question during any portion of this exam, raise your hand & speak privately to the proctor. Questions (Total 100 points): 1. [10 points] Describe following terms in relation to construction project management: A) Privity of Contract B) Prime Contract C) Internal Rate of Return D) Fast-Tracking E) Professional Construction Manager 2. [10 points] Your friends have been arguing, and since you are taking CE167 ask for your help. The argument centers on a supposed contract they made over use of a bicycle. Last night, after having a few too many drinks at Raleigh’s your friend Bob needed to rush down to his house because he forgot to study for the C167 exam. He asked your friend Tim if he could use his bike (Tim also having had one too many) so he could get home and start studying as early as possible. Tim grudgingly accepted, on the condition that Bob remember to lock up the bike and
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This note was uploaded on 01/06/2012 for the course CIVIL AND 167 taught by Professor Ibbs during the Fall '11 term at Berkeley.

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ce167f10_Midterm_1_v2 - CE 167 Engineering and Project...

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