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CE 167: Engineering and Project Management Professor William Ibbs Fall 2011 General Instructions This exam is to be completed in a bluebook – answers not recorded in a bluebook will not be graded. Place the exam sheets on the inside of your bluebook when finished and hand them in back with the bluebook. Put your name on both your blue book and the exam sheet. Show your work step-by-step. Write legibly, and state any necessary assumptions. If you have a question during any portion of this exam, raise your hand & speak privately to the proctor. Questions: 1. [7 Points] Homebuilding and Residential construction is but one segment of the engineering and construction industry. Please describe at least 2 other segments of the industry, and give an example of a typical role a civil engineer might take. Heavy Civil, Industrial, Commercial. Institutional may be considered as a subset of the aforementioned. 2. [8 points] Please describe at least 2 components of an offer that would make the offer illegal or unenforceable in a contract. Please provide a short description of a situation that constitutes an illegal offer, pertaining to the engineering and construction industry. A contract must consist of at least: An Offer, Negotiation, Acceptance, and Consideration. An offer would not be valid if in development of the contract, any component was missing, or if the subject matter of the contract was illegal. Contracts or offers are also not valid if any of the parties were not competent at the time the offer or contract was made. 3. [8 points] You’re working for capital projects at Genentech, and your company is planning on building a new facility to quickly bring a new drug to market. You’ve constructed many
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